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Shipping Goods and the 30-Day Rule

If your business plans to ship products to customers, you need to be aware of the Federal Trade Commission’s (FTC) Mail, Internet, or Telephone Order Merchandise Rule. Better known as… Read more →

What is a Non-Disclosure Agreement or NDA?

Information is power, which is why people often go to great lengths to protect it. In the wrong hands (at least from the perspective of the party that wants to… Read more →

Debt and Divorce

Divorce calls for couples to divide their property during divorce. It also requires division of debt. Research suggests disagreements about money are the leading predictor of divorce in the United… Read more →

Who Gets Retirement Accounts After a Divorce?

Whenever couples get divorced, they go through the process of dividing their marital assets. These assets include any retirement accounts that were created during the time the couple was married.… Read more →

Ten Ways to Market Your Business

The way you market your business is as important as the quality of your company’s products and services. Savvy business owners (small business owners, medium sized owners, and big business… Read more →

Fraudulent Transfers in Divorce

A fraudulent transfer is a transaction one person makes to frustrate another person’s legitimate claim to an asset. In divorce, fraudulent transfers occur when one spouse deals away property he… Read more →

General and Limited Partnerships

After the entity known as a sole proprietorship, general partnerships are the easiest type of business structure to form. Unlike corporations or limited liability companies (LLC), partnerships have no formal… Read more →

Getting Ahead in Divorce

Divorces can be incredibly stressful affairs that are difficult on you and your children. However, the worst-case scenario for your divorce does not have to come to fruition. A little… Read more →

Life Insurance Options

Life insurance can be an important part of estate planning, especially for the parents of young children or a disabled child. The purpose of an insurance policy is to provide cash… Read more →

Tips for Business Loans

Securing financing is often one of the first steps to successfully owning and running a business, as our resident business lawyer has often said. But even savvy borrowers can get… Read more →