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Utah Bankruptcy Attorneys

Utah Bankruptcy Attorneys

Utah Bankruptcy Attorneys

Are you being harassed by creditors calling you to collect?

Do you feel stressed amount money and debt?

Are you facing a foreclosure, bank garnishment or car repo?

If you are struggling with money, you are not alone. Many are suffering in these economic times. Whether you have experienced a job loss, medical bills, or financial trouble, we are here to help.

Ascent Law is a team bankruptcy lawyers in Utah who help clients deal with financial distress. We will take all of your harassing creditor phone calls. We will make them stop. When facing large amounts of debt, you need to understand available options and be able to decide whether filing bankruptcy is a viable answer for your specific financial situation. Discussing your finances with experienced Utah bankruptcy attorneys can help you make informed decisions about getting out of debt once and for all. A fresh start in life can give you the peace you are looking for.

Utah Bankruptcy Attorneys at Ascent Law understand that you already feel bogged down in debt. We even offer payment plans that make our quality services affordable for anyone. There is no reason not to call us today to get back on the financial track you want to be on. We are here to help you and with a free initial consultation, you should call us right now.

In order to best help you, please review this guide that explains some of the aspects of bankruptcy law in Utah.

Bankruptcy Law in Utah

Bankruptcy law in Utah and across the United States is made by Congress and is a part of the Federal Court System. There are essentially 2 types of bankruptcies that most people look at filing. One is a Chapter 7 Bankruptcy and another is a Chapter 13 Bankruptcy. There are also chapters 9, 11, and 12, but we’ll save those for another day.

Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Case in Utah

A Chapter 7 Bankruptcy is typically called a fresh start bankruptcy or a clean slate because with the power of the bankruptcy court, we can erase your debt completely.

Chapter 7 Means Test

In Utah, to file for chapter 7 relief, you must pass the means test. This isn’t like a school test; rather, it is a calculation based on the median income that the IRS has established for those who live in your county in Utah. You have to be at that amount of income or lower over the last 6 months to qualify to file for a Chapter 7 bankruptcy. We will run this test for you when you call in or come into our office.

Chapter 7 Credit Counseling

You also must receive credit counseling prior to filing for bankruptcy. We recommend that you go through www.debtorcc.org because they have been the cheapest of all approved credit counseling agencies. The costs is $14.95 and you should click on the green button on that page and make sure you take the pre-filing class first. After your chapter 7 bankruptcy case is filed; then, you have the requirement to complete an instructional course regarding personal financial management (also called a Debtors Education Course) before your discharge is granted. The discharge is a federal bankruptcy court order stating that you are no longer legally responsible to pay the debts you listed in your bankruptcy papers. Of all the papers in your bankruptcy case, this is the one at the end that you want to hang on to.

Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 Bankruptcy?

If you are thinking about filing for bankruptcy, you need to know which type of case is best for you. Should you file a Chapter 7 or a Chapter 13 case? The best steps to take are to get all of your bills together and meet with a bankruptcy lawyer at Ascent Law. Ascent Law has decades of legal experience in bankruptcy court to assist you. Literally thousands of people have received debt relief through the attorneys in our office. You can get debt relief too. After discussing your financial situation and evaluating your debts with us, you can find out whether you meet requirements and get the best legal advice about which chapter of bankruptcy is right for you. Remember, not all Utah Bankruptcy Attorneys are the same, and not everyone should file for bankruptcy. In our view, bankruptcy should probably be a last resort after all else fails; however, depending on your situation, it can you give you the peace that you need. Think about sleeping again at night and not having that constant nag at the back of your mind. Complete debt relief and opportunity to start over financially can be yours if you qualify.

Find a Bankruptcy Lawyer You Can Trust

Ascent Law has several attorneys who are licensed and regularly practice in the Salt Lake City Bankruptcy Court. We provide you with a lawyer for local representation in bankruptcy matters. We continue to serve all of Utah, including West Jordan, South Jordan, Salt Lake City, Sandy, Midvale, Riverton, Draper, Magna, Alpine, Lehi, Tooele, Grantsville, American Fork, Pleasant Grove, Bountiful, Woods Cross, Lindon, Centerville, Orem, Park City, Midway, Farmington, Provo, Layton, and Heber City. We solve financial problems and provide solutions when there appear to be none. We’ll find a salutation for you, even if that means telling you that a certain bankruptcy isn’t right for you, or letting you know that you would be better served through a different type of debt reduction or elimination program. We’ve negotiated on car deals gone bad, real estate foreclosures to get changes in loan terms, forbearance agreements and other work out options to avoid bankruptcy. This might be right for you too. Come in and visit us to see how well this will work for you.

Personal Attention to Your Bankruptcy Case

Here at Ascent Law, we give you the personal attention need to get through this difficult time in your life. You need a support team and we are that for you. Our goal is to answer your questions and concerns, and provide you with the tools you need to make the right choice for you. You know that everyone is different and ever situation is unique and we treat you and your case that way. We want you to know the process, ask your questions and get the guidance your deserve. We will be there to support you throughout this process and beyond. Because we are a full service law firm, we not only file your bankruptcy case if you need one, we will consult with you on other legal matters. Because we know family law, probates and estates, business law, real estate law, tax law, personal injury law, we can explain how all of these areas can affect you in your life. When you need a guiding hand in the law, Ascent Law is on your side.

Our clients continue to choose us in other areas of law because we are ready and willing to help you with reasonable rates; payment plans; and outstanding service. You can read some testimonials here. When you’re considering bankruptcy, you need the guidance that only we can offer. We want to help you. If you are looking for Utah bankruptcy attorneys, call us right now for your free consultation 1-800-564-2707

Can I Bankrupt My Tax Debt?

We help with tax debt and sometimes bankruptcy can erase your back taxes to the IRS or Utah State Tax Commission and sometimes it does not – we’ll go over your case and let you know if bankruptcy will work for you in that situation. The typical question that we ask is whether or not your tax debt is a personal tax debt or a business tax debt. If it is personal, then is the tax debt over 3 years old. If the personal tax obligation is more than 3 years old from the date the tax was assessed and if there is no lien filed by the IRS; then, you can discharge that tax debt in a chapter 7 case. If it won’t, we’ll look at getting you on non-collectible status with the IRS, a payment plan that you can afford, or we’ll help you file an offer in compromise to get rid of that tax debt.


As you think about filing for bankruptcy and knowing that this might be a good option for you, consider that most people tell us that they feel a lot better after speaking with us. We want you to sleep again at night. We want the garnishment to stop. We don’t want you to face foreclosure or a repo alone. We want to take your debt and make it disappear through the legal and binding process of bankruptcy. If you’ve read this far you are ready to make the next step. That next step is your free consultation over the phone or in person. Give us a call and our friendly staff will schedule an appointment that will work for you. Call now 1-800-564-2707

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