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Conceal Carry Law

Conceal Carry Law

Did you know that when it comes to gun law in Utah, that the age that a person can conceal weapons in Utah was lowered from 21 to 18. Now, just because it is legal doesn’t mean you should. Additionally, you still need a permit for concealed carry of a firearm in Utah. If you don’t have the permit, don’t do it. Some question if these new privileges make young adults safer or if it endangers others. Some fear that young adults with a lack of impulse control could cause wrongful death through irresponsible shooting. Some 18-year-olds explained that they were unable to conceal a gun on campus to protect their selves against assault or rape. Since cases like these have occurred on many campuses in the Salt Lake City area, supporters of the new law agree that it is necessary to give them the privilege to conceal.

Possession Laws of Firearms

Many young adults submitted the argument that they are old enough to buy a weapon, serve in the military and vote so why should they be denied the freedom to conceal carry? Under the new law, an attorney cannot defend young adults who conceal carry unless they have received a concealed weapons permit. If young adults need to use a concealed weapon to prevent personal injury or death, the new law allows a lawyer to defend them if they are certified. Many of those who opposed them for reasons of having less impulse control might also apply those same arguments to gun ownership of young adults ages 18 to 20. Others ask, since young adults already have so much freedom to carry a weapon why do they need the ability to conceal?

Is this a problem?

If young adults are able to obtain a concealed carry license, there is a predicament whether their ability to conceal would create more violence. On the other hand, many believe that since young adults already had the ability to carry guns, they potential to cause wrongful death hasn’t increased. Many wonder if allowing students to conceal carry on campus would increase the possibility of school shootings. If it is true that students 18 to 20 have less impulse control than many wonder if an attorney should be able to defend them for concealing a gun into classrooms and assemblies.

Gun Training For Concealed Carry

Young adults who conceal carry are trained in the proper use of a firearm. Many of these courses have a lawyer or a certified instructor explain the lawful use of a firearm. Young adults will also receive training on using restraint and the proper use of a firearm. Those who conceal carry go through background checks and obtain a legal license. Young adults with concealed weapons may make them less likely to cause wrongful death than their peers who choose to open carry without training.

Education and Liability for Teenage Drivers

Generally speaking, teenage drivers first take to the road with an instructor in a driver’s education vehicle. Most of these drivers are also uninsured and unlicensed. Establishing liability in auto collisions with a student driver can be complicated, to say the least. Depending on the situation, there are three main ways to receive compensation in the case of an accident. Insurance claims and personal injury lawsuits can be filed against the driver, the instructor or the driving school.
Filing a claim against a student driver is the best option if an accident was caused by carelessness on the part of the driver. In Utah and elsewhere, as far as automotive mishaps with student drivers are concerned, this is the most common form of auto accidents. Filing a claim against the instructor occurs when the accident was perpetuated by the instructor’s negligence. Teachers are trained to handle emergency situations and lack of action can unjustly cause accidents. A claim against the school would usually include an accident caused by defective vehicles or the formal hiring of an untrained instructor. This is the least common kind of lawsuit.

Free Consultation with Gun Lawyer

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