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Divorce for men

divorce for men

Men facing divorce have a built-in disadvantage; they face a bias that is often difficult to overcome. However, with the right lawyer and strategy the intense of the bias can be well reduced. The bias is mostly cultural but there are also laws and procedures that give the edge to women in a divorce. You may discover that not only is there a cultural bias against men in the courts but also outside, your friends and neighbors. Still there are many good strategies and tactics for men in divorce and you can win this thing. In Utah, the Code for Divorce should have no bias toward men.

We Focus on Helping Men in Divorce

Just because you are divorcing you haven’t gotten away from dealing with your soon to be ex, a big tactic that the other side may bring against you is doing things just to rattle you. They want to keep you off balance and if possible get you to do something stupid that will cost you in court. So… keep your head together as you find them taking trivial things and blowing them out of proportion. Do you really want the family dog enough to spend thousands fighting over him?

Stay away from trivial it will cost you big time and it will take your attention from the things you really care about. So know your outcome, know what it is that you want. You want to avoid needing to have the last word. Don’t argue about anything, express yourself but avoid the anger and turmoil. Remember you don’t need the last word on things as you negotiate; you need to have the last word in court.

Next, stay positive, if you get off into depression, if you get down and stop believing in your power to turn the divorce in your direction will cause you to not focus and pay attention to the things you want from the divorce. That can cost you big time. You’ve got to remember that no one cares more about the outcome of your divorce than you. You have to stay involved and not avoiding involvement in your divorce.

Your lawyer is busy working so that you won’t be at a disadvantage so don’t entrust the work just to him alone. Ensure you stay involved in the process and know how to manage things. You are the one to live a new life after divorce and you should be the one to ensure that the aftermath is good for you. Uttering simple sentences during the course of the divorce can cost you a lot both in cash and kind unless you understand the tactics very well and know how to phrase your sentences to your advantage and not that of your soon to be Ex-wife. Sometimes these mistakes can be grave and irreversible and this is an important reason why you need to work with your lawyer and be an active part of your divorce.

Finally, learn how to manage your emotion so that you can avoid mistakes, save money, achieve positive result and win your divorce.

Lawyer to Fight for Men’s Rights

If you have a question about how we can defend men’s rights during divorce in Utah, divorce for men in general, or if you need to start or defend against a divorce case in Utah call Ascent Law today at (801) 676-5506. We love helping men in family law cases.

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