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We were asked the following question:

Is There A Record Of Court Wins For Attorneys In Divorce Cases?

While it is indeed true that finding the right divorce attorney isn’t as easy as it often appears, it is virtually impossible to get a record of a particular lawyer’s wins and losses. The hurdles emanate from the fact that no publications that keep track of attorneys’ wins and losses exist. Appellate cases won or lost are available, but records on divorce cases don’t really exist anywhere.

Why it is impossible to find a reliable record of a divorce lawyer’s wins and losses

In the state of Utah, divorce lawyers are way too many to list down, and their details, including academic history, bar membership numbers, and professional disciplinary history are readily available. You will easily do a background check and verify their credibility before hiring one as your family attorney. But when you need to check if the attorney has had a successful track record, getting the right records can be an uphill task.

In the state of Utah, for instance, one seemingly tedious and somewhat accurate way of getting the records entails using the search function of the court’s database.  This is done by going to the courthouse, logging into their computer system called XChange and doing a search for every divorce case.  Then you would need to see who the attorney was on each case.  Then you would need to know if it was a win or a loss by reading the decree.  This would be impossible since Utah divorce records are private – meaning unless you are a party of the case or the attorney on the case, you can’t get that information from the courthouse.

So, there’s no such win/loss records for attorneys list available anywhere. The only way possible is to meet the attorney and ask the attorney questions to figure out if you want to hire that attorney or not. Perhaps, you’ll be given a huge document with graphs and charts describing the wins. Or you’ll not be given anything at all!

So, in the end, getting the most accurate stats regarding a divorce lawyer isn’t very possible if the law firm you are inquiring about doesn’t have them. By way of illustration, divorce attorneys, pretty much like all the other lawyers, will have a huge list of wins and losses.

Interpreting the wins depends on if the divorce attorney resolved the case in mediation or if the settlement was viewed as a win for both parties. Discerning depends on many factors, but if you are smart enough, you’ll notice that the records will not portray anything substantial regarding the attorney’s abilities.

Time to Hire a Divorce Lawyer?

It’s impossible to get a record of all wins for lawyers in divorce cases is because no centralized directory keeps everything at a single place. Lawyers can keep records regarding appellate cases, but given that the other lawsuits might be resolved or settled, records may mean nothing at all. That means you should be willing to face the family lawyer and ask them questions and decide on your own if you want to hire him or her.

For the law firm of Ascent Law, we’ve had wins and losses. A lot depends on the facts of each case. If you are acting appropriately in your case, call us to discuss the merits of your case. We regularly handle cases involving:

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Utah Divorce Lawyer

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