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Domestic Assault

Domestic assault qualifies as a criminal offense and often includes more than one victim. If you’ve been charged, call a Domestic Assault Lawyer right away. In addition to the actor and the adult victims, domestic violence also negatively affects any children involved. Domestic violence is one area of law which combines family law and criminal law.  This type of offense requires an experienced criminal attorney.

Domestic Assault

The term ‘domestic assault’ as opposed to ‘domestic violence’ is meant to encompass the wider forms of suffering over and above physical injuries which women (and men) are exposed to from partners. Many people are in ‘unhealthy’ relationships; that does not necessarily equate to being involved in an abusive relationship but confusion may occur if the definition of this crime is broadened. Would ‘domestic abuse’ rather ‘domestic violence’ mean the criminalization of bad relationships and remove focus from the true nature of this crime? Is it simple semantics or would broadening definitions from ‘domestic violence’ to ‘domestic abuse’ encourage changes in society’s perception of domestic violence and who precisely is likely to be involved?

So what is domestic violence? In essence, it is where a current or former partner causes physical or emotional harm or injury to the other; where one partner is forced, either physically or emotionally, to submit to the will of the other (whether the perpetrator is male and victim female, or vice versa, or both partners are of the same gender). Whilst many may consider domestic violence to consist of physical assaults by a husband upon their wife, this is not an exclusive definition. Aside from physical assaults, there are emotional, financial and social constraints placed by one partner upon the other and this can be a particular problem if one partner is the only working adult or if he or she earns substantially more than their partner. Emotional abuse can be where one partner constantly makes derogatory remarks, belittling achievements and physical appearance; social constraints can include manipulation of one’s movements with constant questions about where someone is going. Verbal assaults can almost cause as much fear as physical assaults; this is especially so when assaults of any kind are directed not only towards the primary victim (i.e. partner/ex-partner) but also towards children, pets or other loved ones. Further, if verbal assaults or threats are often followed by physical assaults, victimization occurs on another level as the apprehension of a physical attack can be as traumatic as the assault itself.

Utah Domestic Assault Information Center

  • Most Frequently Asked Questions
  • Penalties for Domestic Violence
  • Collateral Consequences of Domestic Violence Convictions
  • Domestic Violence Resources in Utah

Domestic Assault Frequently Asked Questions

Will this affect my career and security clearances?

This will vary by case, but there are ways to fight domestic violence charges while preserving professional reputation, and maintaining security clearances and employment.

Will this affect my criminal record?

In many cases, a plea negotiation will keep your criminal record free. In other circumstances, the alleged victim may decline to testify, and charges will be dismissed. However, these charges will not disappear by themselves.

Can I salvage my marriage?

In some circumstances, anger management courses and marriage counseling may help married couples move forward together.

Can I keep my firearms?

It is necessary to seek immediate legal help to preserve gun ownership rights.

Penalties for Domestic Assault

Penalties for domestic violence ranges from probation and fines to extended prison time.  Specific facts and the frequency of the act help determine the severity of the penalties.

Collateral Consequences of Domestic Violence Convictions

Consequences of a domestic violence conviction can include not only criminal charges, but also a marked criminal record, probation, and loss of employment.

Domestic violence charges can result in a loss of security clearances, and can cause an actor to gain a negative reputation in his or her community for violence.

To avoid these long lasting effects, it is necessary to work with an experienced attorney, who will work towards the most favorable outcome.

Domestic Violence Resources in Utah

Utah Domestic Violence Coalition: Advocacy site for domestic violence education and prevention in Utah.

Utah Domestic Violence Help, Programs and Statistics: Site for domestic violence victims, programs, education, and statistics.

Free Consultation with a Domestic Assault Lawyer

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