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Don’t Leave a Dog or Child in the Car

Don't Leave a Dog or Child in the Car

You should never leave a child or dog in a car no matter the season, but especially during these hot summer months because cars heat up much faster. Since 1998, 723 children have died of heatstroke from being left in vehicles as well as an endless number of dogs. Leaving your child in a car may lead to personal injury or even wrongful death. There are many dangers to leaving your child or dog in the car.

We recommend that you be sure you keep your entire family is safe, and you don’t have to call your lawyer. If you are caught in a situation involving personal injury or wrongful death, be sure to hire a the right personal injury attorney.

Keep something you need in the backseat. Whether it is your cell phone, or even one of your shoes, leave it in the back. This way you have to reach back there to get the item and will remember you have your child or dog in the backseat.

Make a habit of always checking in the car before locking it. This way you can be sure everyone is out of the car. Once this becomes a habit, you will feel much more confident you aren’t leaving a child or dog in the car.

Once you have parked your car, lock the car. Whether you are at the store or parked in your garage, keep the car locked at all times. This will prevent curious kids getting stuck in cars.

These are just a couple of ways to prevent leaving your children and dogs in a hot car, and avoiding having to call anything from a wrongful death to a personal injury lawyer. It is important to understand the temperature inside a car can increase 20 degrees in just 10 minutes.

Riding a Motorcycle in Bad Weather

Riding a motorcycle can be dangerous, whether it is in the rain or in bad weather. About 72 out of every 100,000 motorcycles end up in an auto accident. Motorcycle accident cases are 35 times more fatal than those that happen in a passenger car. With the seasons changing, road conditions change as well. When riding through the rain, use these tips to adjust your riding accordingly to avoid an accident.

Fall and Spring in Salt Lake City means off and on wet weather. This rain can get rather cold, depending on the time of day that the sky opens up. When you are riding in the rain, be sure you are wearing the proper gear. You need to have gloves, boots, and a waterproof rainsuit. The rainsuit will keep you dry, but if you want extra warmth, you may want to consider wearing extra layers. A helmet is necessary when riding a motorcycle in the rain. You can equip your helmet with an anti-fog visor to help keep clear vision. If you are injured in an accident, a lawyer can help investigate the accident and get you smoothly through the legal process.

When riding through rain, it is important to change the way you ride. Instead of switching your throttle adjustment in large increments, do it in small increments. Slow down and use less lean when turning. Start breaking sooner rather than later.

Be cautious when driving through the intersections. The oil in the pavement will surface after rain. This will make the roads slick and the perfect situation for motorcycles to slide. Instead of speeding through yellow lights, slow down for them. No one wants an accident. Not you, not anyone else. Be safe out there!

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