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Living Trust Lawyers

Living Trust Lawyers

Creating a will is just the first step to securing a less painful transition for your survivors in the eventuality of your death, but the problem is, no one wants to dwell on their own impending demise. As humans, we spend a lot of energy avoiding confrontation with the reality that our lives will end, and as privileged individuals living in one of the wealthiest nations in the world, we’re not forced to all that often.

We see this all the time because we are Living Trust Lawyers. When one of our own parents or family members pass, and we’re left to grapple with the frustrations of failed paperwork as well as the natural processes of grief, we begin to understand the importance of a will. But it doesn’t have to be that way, any Salt Lake City estate planning attorney will tell you. This guy even wrote a book about how to avoid being caught off guard when a relative leaves you behind holding all the (often incomplete) burial and estate arrangements.

End of life planning help from Salt Lake City estate planning attorney is best gift to children and relatives

The New York Times reporting on Eric A. Dewey’s experiences trying to finalize his father’s last wishes also details several other accounts of individuals who would have benefitted from the services of a Salt Lake City estate planning attorney. One was a woman whose membership in the Neptune Society (which cremates and scatters ashes at sea) was never finalized, so her descendants were stuck in the hospital with her body and no back-up plans. Another is the story of a man’s veteran father whose request to be buried in Arlington Cemetery was barely able to be fulfilled when he found the requisite paperwork being used as a bookmark in an obscure tome on a shelf in the garage.

It’s no wonder that these situations seem heartbreaking and overwhelming.  When dealing with your own loss, the last thing you want to worry about is a loved one’s last wishes remaining unfulfilled because of red tape and probate paperwork.  But a Salt Lake City estate planning attorney can help. Dewey’s chronicle of his own experience is recorded in “The Big Book of Everything,” which, despite its lofty title, seems to be eagerly received as evidenced by its 1,000 times-per-month downloads from the Internet, where it is available for free.

Dewey’s book certainly won’t take the place of counsel from a Salt Lake City estate planning attorney, but it does provide some helpful tips and insights in preparing for eventualities. Like how we need to keep track of “school and employment history and previous addresses” while we’re still around, even while it may be “tedious and not very pleasant,” something Dewey will readily concede.

The New York Times is in agreement with Dewey, and provides recommendations of books that can be a beginner’s resource in estate planning, as well a concise summary of a few points about whether to consider a will, a trust, powers of attorney, or various types of advance directives. Still, the NY Times acknowledges, everyone’s circumstances are different, and “if you have any doubt, it’s best to research it further or consult a lawyer.”

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