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Once you’ve found the house that you want to buy, it’s time to make an offer. In Utah, this is done with a REPC, or a Real Estate Purchase Contract… Read more →

Employee Discipline Policies

We’ve talked about the importance of discipline policies on this page. It is always a good idea for businesses to form solid discipline policies for their employees, and even more… Read more →

Same Sex Marriage and Divorce

Utah began recognizing same-sex marriage in 2011. However, matrimony is not enough to protect your rights. Although same-sex couples are granted the same privileges and obligations as heterosexual partners within… Read more →

Renter’s Insurance

Although renting a property does not subject a tenant to the same liability as that of a property owner, tenants can still benefit from obtaining separate renter’s insurance policies. Renters’… Read more →

Contract Drafting Law

It is helpful to understand the basics of contract drafting even if you rarely draft your own contracts. A basic understanding can add to your confidence in all types of… Read more →

IRS Collection Process

If you do not pay in full when you file, you will receive a bill from the Internal Revenue Service (IRS). This bill begins the collection process, which continues through… Read more →

Defenses to Eviction

Many Americans face eviction every year. While dealing with the prospect of losing your home is never easy, you aren’t alone. Local laws provide protections for tenants such as a… Read more →

Loans for Small Businesses

Many new business owners make the mistake of taking out too many loans too quickly instead of exploring other means of structuring their business or securing financing. While loans can… Read more →

Grandparent Custody Law

The laws surrounding grandparent’s visitation rights is currently in a state of flux in Utah. A specific court decision has come down over the past few years, but the Utah… Read more →

Offer in Compromise Law

When you owe the IRS money and have tried everything to pay it off with no luck, consider making the IRS an “offer in compromise” or “OIC” for short –… Read more →