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Criminal Defense Lawyer Riverton Utah

If you have been charged with a felony offense, contact an experienced Riverton Utah criminal defense lawyer. For felony cases, a judicial screening decision is made within a week or… Read more →

How Do I Contest A Will?

Wills in Utah pass through the probate process in one of two ways: either formally or informally. The distinction is a matter of an in-court hearing. A more complicated estate… Read more →

Divorce Lawyer Woods Cross Utah

When Thomas Jefferson assessed the pros and cons of legitimating divorce shortly before the American Revolution, he came out firmly on the side of divorce. There could be problems, he… Read more →

Is Shoplifting A Felony In Utah?

Shoplifting is intentionally taking merchandise from a store or retail shop without permission and without paying for the items. The person must intend to permanently depriving the business of its… Read more →

Bankruptcy Lawyer North Salt Lake

Each year many Americans end up having to seriously for bankruptcy for no fault of their own. They have no idea about the bankruptcy court procedure and the forms to… Read more →

What Is The Punishment For Drunk and Drive?

We hear on the news day after day that people are getting into accidents while under the influence of alcohol. How can we as a society prevent alcohol-related accidents among… Read more →

Can You Look Up A Will Online?

Maybe. Was the will filed with the court in Utah? If the will is on file in the Courts in Utah; then yes. If it wasn’t; then no. Numerous individuals… Read more →

Divorce Lawyer South Salt Lake Utah

There can be no divorce without marriage. Both are interconnected since the beginning of civilization. Marriage is called a “covenant” throughout the Pentateuch and the rest of the Old Testament.1… Read more →

Paternity Cases

Family Lawyer Herriman Utah

If you are considering starting a family through artificial reproductive techniques, speak to an experienced Herriman Utah family lawyer. The landmark case in Utah on the issue of paternity is… Read more →