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Utah Code 78A-6-502

Utah Code Title 78A-6-502: Judiciary and Judicial Administration Definitions: 1. Division means the Division of Child and Family Services within the Department of Human Services. 2. Failure of parental adjustment… Read more →

Travel Lawyer

As a traveling attorney, your job is to travel nationwide or internationally to represent your client in a specific court of law. In this role, you prepare for each case,… Read more →

Business Agreements And Partnership Agreements

A business partnership agreement is a legally binding document that outlines details about business operations, ownership stake, financials and decision-making. Business partnership agreements, when coupled with other legal entity documents,… Read more →

What Estate Planning Documents Should I Get?

A good estate plan consists of many different components, including what happens to your assets and who should act on your behalf if you are unable to. At a bare… Read more →

Utah Code 78A-6-501

Utah Code Title 78A-6-501: Judiciary and Judicial Administration. This part is known as the “Termination of Parental Rights Act.” Each state have laws stating specific grounds for the termination of… Read more →

International Corporate Attorney

If you watch too much television, you might believe that lawyers negotiate deals one day and head to the courtroom for high-profile litigation the next. This is highly unusual in… Read more →

Marijuana Conviction Expungement

A marijuana possession charge in Utah can be filed as a misdemeanor or as a felony charge, depending on a variety of circumstances. Any Utah marijuana possession charge carries the… Read more →

Law Firm Focusing On Church Law

How to Hire an Attorney for Your Church There are occasions when a church board must hire an attorney. Here are some examples: • A church dismisses an employee who… Read more →

Common Trust Beneficiary Mistakes

When creating a trust, you have to name your beneficiaries. In many cases, these are going to include your spouse, children, grandchildren, and in some cases, great-grandchildren. As the children… Read more →

International Business Lawyer

The primary role of a business attorney involves providing advice and other legal services that affect various aspects of a business. In general, business attorneys ensure that companies are in… Read more →