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How Can I Get Out Of Paying Alimony?

You might not be able to. Each situation is different. But I hear you. Many people want to get out of paying alimony. Alimony, or spousal support, is meant to… Read more →

How Are Child Care Expenses Divided After Divorce?

Child support can be granted during divorce, temporary separation, or as separate maintenance. Generally speaking, there is a legal duty for parents to support their children under the age of… Read more →

How Are Assets Divided During Divorce?

As a newlywed, you likely never gave a second thought about whether you lived in a community property state or about terms like equitable distribution. When a marriage ends in… Read more →

Does Divorce Have To Be Filed In The Same State As The Marriage?

Have you decided to get a divorce? You may have thought this was the beginning of the end of the tough decisions you will need to face, but there are… Read more →

Absolute Divorce VS. Limited Divorce

When a marriage is over, the most common path people take is to file for a divorce to end things permanently. But in some cases, couples aren’t quite ready to… Read more →

Does Child Support End Automatically At Age 18, Or Do I Need To File Paperwork?

In general, child support in Utah ends when the child turns 18 years old or graduates from high school, whichever occurs later. Additionally, if a child becomes emancipated prior to… Read more →

Do I Still Pay Alimony If My Ex Gets Remarried?

Usually no. There is a Utah law that states that you don’t continue paying alimony if your ex gets remarried; however, depending on how your decree of divorce reads, it… Read more →

Do I Qualify For Alimony?

You might qualify for alimony. Let’s find out. Spousal support—also called “alimony” or “maintenance”—isn’t automatic and isn’t ordered in every divorce. On the other hand, it isn’t exactly rare either.… Read more →

Can I Adopt My Spouse’s Child?

Maybe. Let’s find out if you can adopt your spouse’s child. Stepparent adoption is a formal court process that allows a biological parent’s spouse to adopt the spouse’s child. When… Read more →

Do I Need An Attorney To Adopt A Child?

Look – you never need to hire an attorney, you can always do things yourself. So if you ask if you need to hire a lawyer to adopt a child,… Read more →