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Corporate Lawyer Bountiful Utah

Speak to an experienced Bountiful Utah Corporate lawyer to know if your employer’s misconduct is reportable under the Sarbanes Oxley Act. The types of misconduct reportable under the SOX include… Read more →

Automobile Accident Lawsuits

Each driver has the obligation to hold his vehicle under appropriate control and to drive in a way so he may abstain from crashing into different autos. More often than… Read more →

Is a Divorce Settlement Taxable?

Filing taxes can be such a hustle especially if you have to factor in divorce settlements. After the divorce process is finalized there is a big shift in assets and… Read more →

Insurance Defense in Utah

Life, related to it, everything is unpredictable. No reliability of any loss of life, business, property etc. You don’t know what happen to the next? Insurance is need of the… Read more →

Corporate Lawyer Morgan Utah

All businesses in Morgan Utah are expected to preserve certain records and information. Failure to do so can prove costly. Speak to an experienced Morgan Utah Corporate Lawyer to know… Read more →

Utah Divorce and Custody Law

Divorce is the legal process of terminating a marital union between a husband and wife for various reasons as we shall discuss in this article. Custody, on the other hand,… Read more →

Drafting LLC Operating Agreements

Limited liability company (LLC) operating agreements are much like corporate bylaws in that both types of documents govern the workings of your business. LLC operating agreements allow the owners of… Read more →

Divorces in Utah

Initially Utah did not allow no fault divorce. However, in 1987, the State of Utah passed a law allowing couples with irreconcilable differences to file for a divorce thereby paving… Read more →

Corporate Lawyer Layton Utah

It is vital for a company to preserve its records. Speak to an experienced Layton Utah corporate lawyer to know which records your company needs to preserve. Records are a… Read more →

Are Divorces Expensive?

This is a question that lingers in many people’s minds. Are divorces expensive? The answer is Maybe. There is an impression that divorce comes along with a hefty price tag.… Read more →