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Fighting the Lure of Tax Havens

Naturally enough the high tax countries are not happy to see resources and tax money flow out of the country. As a tax attorney, I can tell you that there… Read more →

Dating After Divorce

Getting back into the dating world after a divorce can be exciting — as well as incredibly frightening. Before you decide to take this next step in your journey, there… Read more →

Why Use a Lawyer?

You may have just been in an accident. It may have been a dog bite, car accident or motorcycle accident. Many people wonder if using a lawyer is necessary to… Read more →

West Jordan Utah Adoption Lawyer

Whether you’re a step parent already helping to raise a child or a couple hoping for a new family member, the Utah adoption attorneys can help. We take the time… Read more →

Resolve Your Divorce with a Level Head

Even if you and your spouse both agree to dissolve your marriage and move on, divorce is never an easy process. There are many emotions and tough issues to resolve,… Read more →

Corporate Attorney

Oftentimes people wonder whether they need a corporate attorney to help them with a case.  If you have a corporation, limited liability company (“LLC”), partnership, or other entity, you may… Read more →

5 Reasons to Get a Prenuptial Agreement

Many people see prenuptial agreements as a poor way to start a marriage because they seem to anticipate its failure. But with nearly 50,000 New York marriages ending in divorce… Read more →

Navigating a Gray Divorce

Our law firm represents people going through divorce on their way to a new future. Some have been married four years or less, and some forty years or more. In… Read more →

Leave a Legacy

A will is no longer just for distributing your worldly possessions. With so much of life being handled online, it’s likely you have digital assets that need to be addressed… Read more →

Improper Protective Orders

An order of protection is a powerful tool. Throughout Utah, orders of protection help to protect individuals and their families from threats of violence, or abuse at the hands of… Read more →