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Mortgage Law

With the 2008 housing crisis – also called the Great Depression II or the Great Recession and historically low interest rates for home mortgages, it’s certainly a buyer’s market. Even… Read more →

Divorce and Name Changes

Whether you are preparing for a marriage or going through a divorce, you may have questions about the process for changing your name. The following are answers to some of… Read more →

E-Commerce Law

Having a sharp website and successfully leveraging the Internet can really boost your business, while e-commerce has enabled a whole new breed of retailers and wholesalers. But jumping online without… Read more →

Child Custody Summer Vacation Law

Over the summer months, it’s common for your children’s routines to change significantly. If you and the children’s other parent are divorced, it can add some extra challenges to your… Read more →

Genetic Information Nondiscrimination Act Law

As of 2009, employment discrimination on the basis of an individual’s genetic makeup is prohibited under federal law. That means employers, employment agencies and similar entities may not request, require,… Read more →

Title Insurance Law

All your hard work has paid off. You just found your dream house. Maybe you even managed to get a deal on it. Or, maybe you paid twenty percent over… Read more →

Property Boundary Law

If you are experienced enough to read and understand a land survey, you can simply request a copy of the land survey or subdivision plot from your city clerk’s office.… Read more →

Can the IRS Seize Your Home?

Yes. Yes they can. The United States Internal Revenue Service (IRS) is a powerful agency able to exercise many options in the pursuit of a tax debt. This article explains… Read more →

Foreclosure Law

If you’re having a hard time paying your monthly mortgage and need help coming up with strategies to right the ship, you may want to speak with a foreclosure prevention… Read more →

Family Law and Divorce

It’s no secret that a divorce can have a major impact on your life and your finances. To achieve the best possible settlement, it’s important to financially prepare in advance.… Read more →