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Will Chapter 7 Take My Savings?

Usually the answer is YES, but it’s best to call and check with a competent chapter 7 bankruptcy lawyer in Utah before you file. It’s not a good idea to… Read more →

Drug Lawyers

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How Common Is Divorce After Retirement?

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Which Is Worse Bankruptcy Or Judgment?

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A DUI, which stands for driving under the influence, is a driving violation. It is driving under the influence of alcohol, drugs, or other substances that impair one’s ability to… Read more →

When Should You Walk Away From Your Marriage?

During marriage, couples acquire the rights to some of the property and assets, as well as debts, acquired by one or both of them. Marital property doesn’t include things that… Read more →

Why You Should Not File Bankruptcy?

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Business Succession

Business succession planning is the process in which long-term needs are identified and addressed. The main concern in succession planning is in providing for the continuation of business operations in… Read more →

West Jordan Utah Divorce Attorney

West Jordan was on of the earliest Utah pioneer settlements after the founding of Salt Lake City. The community’s roots begin in the later part of 1849 when some pioneers… Read more →

Defense Lawyers Near Me

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