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When Is Utah The Right State In Which To File A Probate?

In short, probate is the transfer of person’s assets after they die. Probate is the legal process of distributing the assets and estate of a deceased person. This includes resolving… Read more →

Utah Uniform Probate Code And Forms

The Uniform Probate Code (commonly abbreviated UPC) is a uniform act drafted by National Conference of Commissioners on Uniform State Laws (NCCUSL) governing inheritance and the decedents’ estates in states.… Read more →

How To Forward A Deceased Person’s Mail In A Utah Probate

After loved ones pass, you can stop or forward mail from being sent to their registered addresses. A death in the family is a traumatic and sad event. Sometimes, family… Read more →

Rights Of Heirs And Beneficiaries In A Utah Probate

An heir is one who stands to inherit from a person after that person dies. What rights an heir has to any inheritance are governed by the probate laws of… Read more →

How Long Does The Adoption Process Take?

The adoption process can take an incredibly long time, which can cause serious strain and stress for some families. Usually, the time it takes to adopt a baby can be… Read more →

Providing And Excluding Warranties For Goods Under Utah Law

Warranty is just another type of “agreement” which ties a gathering to perform in a predefined way, either as far as giving an item that achieves a predetermined errand or… Read more →

How To Probate In Utah

Perished can’t possess property, so it must be legitimately moved from her proprietorship into that of a living recipient when she kicks the bucket. This is most ordinarily achieved through… Read more →

If Neither Parent Has Legal Custody On Paper But The Kid Is Living With One Of The Parents For Four Years Who Has Custody?

Breakups are common occurrence nowadays among the boyfriends and girlfriends living together. There might be even small arguments that may trigger the events which may lead to breaking up with… Read more →

Statements Under Oath For Insurance

Examination Under Oath (EUO)Introduction If you have an insurance claim that is in dispute, then you may be asked to participate in an Examination Under Oath (EUO). The EUO is… Read more →

Insurance Defense Of First-Party Bad Faith Action

Insurance bad faith is a legitimate term of workmanship one of a kind to the law of the US (however with parallels somewhere else, especially Canada) that depicts a tort… Read more →