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Cybersquatting Law

Cybersquatting is generally defined as the registering, sale or use of a domain name containing a trademark that the registrant doesn’t have the rights to with the intent to profit… Read more →

Illegal Evictions Can Get You in Trouble

A self-help eviction occurs when a landlord retakes possession of a property without using the eviction process. The use of self-help may amount to landlord harassment. Nearly every state prohibits… Read more →

SEC and Marijuana Business

The Securities and Exchange Commission charged a Utah-based company and its founder with falsely touting “record” revenue numbers to investors and claiming to be a leader in the marijuana industry… Read more →

Make Money With Your Patent

After spending so much time and mental energy coming up with a novel invention, you will want to figure out how to monetize it. There are generally two ways you… Read more →

Transfer on Death Tax

Receiving an inheritance can be an unexpected windfall. Although if you get stocks and securities through a transfer on death account, don’t be surprised when your gift has a tax… Read more →

Tenant Bankruptcy Affects a Landlord’s Eviction Rights

Whether a tenant has filed for bankruptcy before or after an eviction judgment affects the steps a landlord must take to regain possession of the rental unit. What If the… Read more →

Custody and Cohabitation

By entering into a “living together contract,” unmarried cohabitants can provide rights to one another that are analogous to rights granted to married couples. In these types of situations, an… Read more →

Tax Return Preparation

Yes, we help people, companies, and trusts prepare and file their tax returns. We have done income tax returns – think 1040, and we have also done gift and estate… Read more →

Power of Attorney for Health Care

A health care power of attorney and a living will are legal documents that provide you with options for expressing medical care preferences and instructions, should you become mentally incapacitated… Read more →

Mortgage Lawyer

Though mortgage payments make most borrowers think of traditional banks, most mortgage holders make their payments to separate mortgage servicers. Mortgage servicing companies collect mortgage payments, handle escrow accounts, credit… Read more →