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Child Support in Utah

In Utah, in a divorce proceeding where there are children from the marriage, the issue of child custody and child support is of prime importance. Generally, one parent will be… Read more →

Probate Lawyer Lehi Utah

Wills, individuals’ declarations of how they want their property distributed after their deaths, are the basic form of succession. In general, wills are characterized by three customary requirements: they must… Read more →

Bankruptcy Lawyer Bountiful Utah

When you are in the midst of deciding whether or not to file for bankruptcy, it can be an extremely stressful time. You may not be able to take proper… Read more →

Can Divorce Cause PTSD?

Divorce can be a traumatic experience especially if it happens suddenly. The pain and despair of finally being legally separated from someone who you have loved and cared for even… Read more →

Corporate Lawyer Alpine Utah

Many small tech oriented business are being set up in Alpine Utah. Licensing is a great way for a small start-up business to grow. Often a start-up firm will enter… Read more →

Differences Between Copyright and Trademark

Trademark and copyright are both forms of intellectual property, which is defined as a creation of the mind, such as inventions, literary and artistic works, designs, symbols, names and images… Read more →

Can Credit Repair Help With a Student Loan?

Credit repair is the process by which a person or a business can improve their ability to take loans by rectifying their wrong debt information in the credit report. Surviving… Read more →

Family Lawyer Bluffdale Utah

Once you decide that the two of you are not capable of resolving your differences and that a mediator is not an option, you must change the way you see… Read more →

Is Utah a Probate State?

Probate refers to the legal proceedings of winding up all the affairs of a deceased person. The affairs may include settling their debts and dividing their property to the surviving… Read more →

Bankruptcy Lawyer Salt Lake City Utah

If a business that owes you money has filed a Chapter 11 bankruptcy in Utah, contact an experienced Salt Lake City Utah bankruptcy lawyer. Chapter 11 bankruptcy can be used… Read more →