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Worker’s Compensation

Workers’ compensation insurance policies cover the expenses associated with job-related injuries and illnesses. Although workers’ compensation (or workers’ comp) is regulated at the state level, most employers in the U.S.… Read more →

The Importance Of Cash Management

Cash Management Basics Business analysts report that poor management is the main reason for business failure. Poor cash management is probably the most frequent stumbling block for entrepreneurs. Understanding the… Read more →

Rehabilitation Rights of Injured Workers

The word “rehabilitation” in the area of workers’ compensation has two very different meanings. When most people think of rehabilitation, they think of physical therapy or rehabilitative care aimed at… Read more →

Workers’ Compensation Glossary

Do you know what an AWW is? How about TTD? TPD? PPD? PTD? It seems as though workers’ compensation practitioners are sometimes speaking a language all their own. Do you… Read more →

Who Can Look At Employee Personal Files?

In addition to the employer, employees often have the right to view certain portions of their own employee personnel files as well. In most circumstances, employee personnel files should be… Read more →

Recent Changes In NY Custody And Support Laws

In addition to Utah’s new no-fault divorce law, the Utah State Assembly has made several other important changes to domestic relations law that took effect on October 14, 2010. These… Read more →

Uncoupling Ceremony

On a sunny California beach, Clark and Valerie Tate assembled their friends and 10-year old son for a special ceremony – an “uncoupling” ceremony. Conscious Uncoupling Because divorce can become… Read more →

Not Being An Attorney In Utah Didn’t Stop One Woman’s Quest To Practice Law. It Should Have.

When the Deseret News calls a case “bizarre,” you know that the story is going to be juicy. In Karla Carbo’s case, part of what’s juicy about it is where… Read more →

Husband Secretly Divorced Wife

Gabriel Villa and Cristina Carta Villa were married for 20 years. Or were they? Turns out this husband secretly divorced his wife just months after they were married. Husband Secretly… Read more →

What Are Some Causes For Sole Custody To Become Necessary?

Whеn уоu аrе in the middle of a custody case due to divorce or having a child together, your lawyer hаѕ probably thrоwn аrоund and еxрlаinеd tеrmѕ likе “jоint сuѕtоdу”… Read more →