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How Do You Avoid Probate?

Probate is the official way that an estate gets settled under the supervision of the court. A person, usually a surviving spouse or an adult child, is appointed by the… Read more →

Business Succession Law

Business succession planning is the process in which long-term needs are identified and addressed. The main concern in succession planning is in providing for the continuation of business operations in… Read more →

Is It Better To Pay Off Debt Or File Bankruptcy?

In general, paying off a creditor shortly before you file for bankruptcy is not a good idea. If you are filing for bankruptcy, you may be considering repaying certain debts… Read more →

Utah Last Will And Testament Attorney

A Last Will and Testament is one of the most important legal documents a person can create during his or her lifetime. If a person dies without a Will they… Read more →

Affordable Family Law Attorney

Usually when you hire an attorney, it’s to avoid being drained financially by an ex-spouse, former business partner or adversary who wants to sue you. But what do you do… Read more →

Non-Profit Attorney

501c3 rules are the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) guidelines set forth to regulate the activities of certain nonprofit organizations. 501c3 tax status is awarded to charitable organizations and provides them… Read more →

Best Utah SLC DUI

Utah officially uses the term “driving under the influence” (DUI) instead of “driving while intoxicated” (DWI). However, some people still use DWI and DUI interchangeably to refer to drunk or… Read more →

How Much In Debt Should You Be To File Bankruptcy?

Although you don’t need to have a specific amount of debt to be eligible for bankruptcy, other issues will determine whether bankruptcy is a good option for you. Bankruptcy laws… Read more →

Lawyer For Hindu Church

Under Utah tax law, churches are exempt from having to pay federal, state, and local taxes. For purposes of Utah tax law, churches are considered to be public charities, also… Read more →

Accident Attorney In 84604

If you’ve been involved in a Car Accident, then you need to arm yourself with the best Auto Accident Attorney in 84604. Failure to act immediately can result in significant… Read more →