Lawyers in Provo

Lawyers in Provo

Law Firms or attorneys in Provo help Utah Valley Residents, Families and Businesses.

Ascent Law has lawyers in Provo that offer a wide range of services, from business and commercial law to personal injury, family, criminal law, and divorce law.

A Provo Lawyer can help you as an individual and small and midsize businesses resolve pressing legal matters thoroughly, promptly and cost-effectively on a daily basis. They represent a wide range of Utah Valley clients for a variety of legal matters:

Businesses — From small, private companies to medium-sized corporations, Lawyers in Provo help business navigate or resolve contract, employment, regulatory, intellectual property, real estate and other commercial- and business-related legal challenges.

Individuals —  Lawyers in Provo advise and represent clients who seek justice and compensation for serious injuries caused by the negligence of others. They also help Utah Valley residents resolve family law, estate planning, and bankruptcy issues. Attorneys in Provo provide counsel and represent individuals who need to answer to criminal charges or participate in police investigations.

Divorce – Going through a divorce can turn your world upside down. All of a sudden you’re faced with an uncertain financial future, a changing living situation, and your relationship with your children could even be threatened.  Provo, Utah, attorneys understand how difficult this transition can be. They’re there to listen to your concerns, and they’re there to help protect your rights and the rights of your children in family court.  With so much on the line, you don’t want to face this process alone. Provo attorneys will walk you through each step of the process and work with you to achieve your goals in court. Lawyers in Provo can also help in cases of Child Custody.

Criminal lawyers in Provo help Utah Valley residents get criminal charges dropped or mitigated. Whether you are charged with a crime or being investigated, criminal lawyers in Provo, help you understand the ramifications of the charges brought and your options. We analyze police reports, witness statements and evidence and scrutinize the prosecution’s assumptions to identify grounds for a dismissal, acquittal or reduction in charges and sentencing protecting the rights of the accused.

Real Estate – Prior to buying, selling or signing anything in real estate, you should first consult with a trustworthy attorney. Who will be able to offer you experienced guidance and reliable advice for any aspect related to real estate law?

Below are some of the matters with which a real estate lawyer in Provo can assist you:

Landlord/tenant law: Regardless of whether you are a tenant or a landlord, our Utah County real estate lawyers can represent your best interests.

Boundary disputes: Experienced lawyers in Provo know how to get the lay of the land. We can gather the necessary information to determine if your boundary dispute is a matter of uncertainty or real disagreement in regards to ownership and help you satisfactorily resolve those boundary problems.

Real estate litigation: Anyone who engages in a real estate transaction hopes everything will go smoothly. Yet unforeseen problems can arise. We have extensive experience litigating real estate issues in court.

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