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The End Of Solving Trap Adapters

The End Of Solving Trap Adapters

We’re often asked about using a solvent trap adapter as a substitute for buying a suppressor from a dealer.
The person asking the question is often interested in avoiding the wait time on a Form 1 or Form 4 application and in saving the $200 tax involved with those applications. We advise folks that they should not even consider it without an approved Form 1 in hand, but would be better off looking at a good commercial silencer in the first place.

Those recommendations have been confirmed by the fact that the ATF took action on January 25th against SD Tactical out of Prescott, Arizona for marketing solvent trap adapter kits that buyers could convert into a suppressor buy drilling out the “freeze plugs” and the end cap. The ATF’s concern may have been that too many purchasers of these kits were not going through the formal Form 1 application process and were making contraband suppressors.

The problem may also have been compounded by the fact that SD Tactical is a Type 07/02 manufacturer and makes and sells commercial suppressors through the regular Form 4 process that use the same outer tube and internal parts that they were also marketing as “solvent traps” in an undrilled state. No other suppressor manufacturer is believed to sell their outer tube separately or baffles without a center hole drilled through it. It may also not have helped that they allegedly had made instructional videos of the company owner explaining exactly how to convert your solvent trap into a silencer, so it would appear very clear what the intended purpose of a “solvent trap” really was.

The ATF is reported to have told SD Tactical that they have two choices: stop marketing solvent trap adapters; or, face five years in prison. All in all, the incident makes it very clear that the ATF does not look kindly on these devices and the scary thing is that they now have the shipping records and order records of every person who has purchased such a device or kit from SD Tactical and could be looking into tracking those items down.

Clearly, this makes using such kits even more questionable and we would strongly recommend that you stay away from them. It’s not worth the risk of losing your firearm rights for the rest of your life or the large legal defense bill that could result. We would also advise those who have purchased such a kit to refrain posting anything incriminating on social media and to contact your attorney as to what you should do.

LGBT Adoptions are Legal in Utah

Exciting changes in Utah law make gay adoptions possible for married couples, and Alder Law in Salt Lake City has the knowledge, tenacity and experience to help families and children get all the legal rights they deserve. Our firm’s founder pioneered legal co-guardianships for a number of lesbian couples before gay marriage laws changed, and we have helped many same-sex couples with estate planning to protect their relationships and safeguard their assets. We’re committed to continuing our support for couples in Utah’s LGBT community.

In our work with co-guardianships, we have helped biological mothers and their female co-parents construct arrangements that allow the whole family to share insurance benefits, legal responsibilities and full custody rights. Now, full formal adoption is possible when lesbian and gay couples in situations such as this are married.


Much of our work has been with formalizing adoptions where one person is the biological parent, but we can also help couples who want to adopt in other situations, including:
• Joint LGBT adoptions when neither parent is biologically related to the child
• Infant adoptions
• Step-parent adoptions
• Gay adoptions for children conceived by artificial insemination or surrogate mothers
• Foster care adoptions
• International adoptions


In Utah, children up to the age of 18 are eligible for adoptions, and any couple who is legally married can apply. In some cases, single adults can also apply if they have a special relationship with the child such as a history of acting as a parent in a same-sex relationship. State law does not allow cohabiting couples who are unmarried to adopt, regardless of sexuality.

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