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Utah Law on Returning a Car

Utah Law on Returning a Car

When purchasing a new automobile, Please be aware that there is no 3-day rescission law that applies to motor vehicle purchases in the state of Utah. You do not have a right to return the vehicle because you regret purchasing it, or have decided it doesn’t meet your needs, or you cannot afford it anymore. Once you purchase the vehicle, you assume responsibility for it. Some automobile sellers may have policies that allow you to return the vehicle within a certain number of days, but usually you may return the vehicle only for credit towards the purchase of a different vehicle. Please note that this is a policy set by the seller of the vehicle and not required by Utah state law.

Utah’s Lemon Law

Consumers who buy or lease a new car or motorhome or other type of motor vehicle in the state of Utah with significant defects that can’t be repaired or another word to buy a lemon can obtain relief under the Utah new motor vehicle warranty.

The lemon law apply to new cars under warranty it was extended in 1990 or later to also cover new leased vehicles and motor homes. It does not apply to used vehicles.

For your vehicle to qualify as a lemon under the Lemon Law the following criteria must apply #1 – the vehicle must have been purchased in the state of Utah. #2 – the vehicle must be new and under warranty. Number three the vehicle must weigh less than 12,000 pounds. #4 – the defect must substantially impaired the used market value or safety of the vehicle. #5 – the vehicle must have been to the manufacturer to have the same defect resolved at least four times or out of service to the consumer a total of 30 days during the first year or the warranty period, whichever is less.

If your problems occur after this time, you do not qualify for the Utah lemon law. Also, the defect cannot be the result of abuse, neglect, or unauthorized modifications of the vehicle and the consumer must go through any informal dispute settlement or arbitration procedure the manufacturer may have established.

if your vehicle meets all of the criteria that we’ve referenced herein, your next step is to file a complaint with the consumer protection division of the Utah Department of Commerce oh, our Law Firm has helped and can’t help you with this type of case if you need assistance. You must make sure to include with your complaint, copies of any relevant documents including service records, the arbitration or dispute settlement records, and all other records you have about the vehicle. After your car is determined to be a lemon, you may qualify for either a replacement or cash refund. The manufacturer may charge you a reasonable amount for the use of the vehicle as prescribed by law which is usually 10 to 23 cents per mile. You can have the division try to obtain restitution for you, or you can take a private action with the help of our Law Firm by filing a lawsuit in the District Court of the county in which you reside.

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