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Voluntary Abandonment

Voluntary Abandonment

Voluntary Abandonment is one of the grounds for divorce in the state of Utah. Black’s Law Dictionary states that an abandonment is when you relinquish a right or interest with the intention of never again claiming it. In the context of contracts for the sale of land, courts sometimes
use the term abandonment as if it were synonymous with rescission, but the two
should be distinguished. An abandonment is merely the acceptance by one party of the
situation that a nonperforming party has caused. But a rescission due to a material
breach by the other party is a termination or discharge of the contract for all purposes.

It’s typically a part of family law. The act of leaving a spouse or child willfully and without an intent to return is like desertion or malicious abandonment. The desertion of a spouse without just cause.

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In a divorce case, voluntary abandonment is a final departure without the consent of the other spouse, without sufficient reason. and without an intent to return. In the law of adoption, a natural
parent’s willful act or course of conduct that implies a conscious disregard of or indifference to a child, as if no parental obligation existed.

When you need legal help with a abandonment, malicious abandonment, or a voluntary abandonment in a Utah divorce case, please call Ascent Law LLC for your free consultation.

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